A Unique Mix To Increase Sales

Teemu Kauppinen

A Unique Mix To Increase Sales   

If you are an online merchant, you will at some point face the problem of how to increase sales. When the competition is at its peak, you have to be creative and try new things in order to boost your sales. Luckily, that’s exactly the question we’re going to give you the answer to with this blog.

The times have changed a lot since increasing sales was quite easy by using social media and Google ads only. Now when there are millions of advertisers out there on social media, it’s really tough to find a way to stand out. The huge increase in advertising costs during last year doesn’t help either in solving this problem. (If you want to find more information about rising costs of social media ads, we made a blog about it and you can read it from here.)

Back to business, teamwork makes the dream work. I know it’s corny but it’s also true. It’s hard to increase sales only by using one thing, unless it’s some kind of a magic which makes all the other competitors disappear. But if you use a combination of various things together at the same time, you actually might get great results. Let me give you one example of this, in case you are an online merchant and you’re looking for new customers or markets.

By using only paid ads on social media, you are basically either broadening the audience or targeting special groups of prospects. However, by expanding sales channels to the places where they already exist, such as marketplaces like Amazon or Zalando, you can reach the audience and strengthen the message by marketing both at the same time.

Think about this, you have brought your products in front of billions of customers every month and now when you have a ready audience in front of you, you can collect sales- and performance data from marketplaces (e.g. through our integrations) and base your marketing decisions on them. By expanding sales channels, I bet you don’t have to figure out where your customers are anymore. You may just focus on promoting your products or use retargeting campaigns and get creative with your marketing messages on marketplaces.

Like I claimed in the beginning of this blog, facing the issue of increasing sales is a real deal to every online merchant at some point. We want to make sure that you have every possible tool in your toolbox when facing this problem, and this is why we produce more helpful information to our social media channels on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Best, Teemu

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