Amazon continues to grow

Teemu Kauppinen

Amazon continues to grow

World’s largest online store is expanding – this time to Poland. Many Europeans received more reasons to smile on Tuesday, March 2nd due to the new growth of Amazon. However, this launch was something different.

Is there anyone who’s surprised about the growth of Amazon? Probably not. Though, this launch is out of the ordinary, as this is Amazon’s largest launch yet. The marketplace has over seventy thousand sellers from countries worldwide and it makes the selection obviously significant and diverse in many ways.

As a result of the new launch, Amazon now operates in all of the top 10 largest economies in Europe (except Switzerland and Russia). Poland became also Amazon’s 19th global marketplace and now the opportunities for Europeans to shop online are expanding even further. Just a year ago, Amazon launched new marketplaces to Sweden and the Netherlands and this launch grows Amazon’s existing infrastructure in Europe.

One can’t repeat too much how fast-growing online marketplaces offer companies and people the opportunity to increase their sales. As we see from the new launch, several tens of thousands of sellers still believe in the power of the Amazon and why not because its appeal is constantly growing, especially in these times. The new marketplace in Poland differs from the usual Amazon, because it is easier to approach for companies compared to the largest e-commerce markets, such as England or Germany. In them, competition and standards are very high, but this may be different on that level.

I would also like to point out, that expanding into them can actually be quite effortless. Marketplace sales, product selections and tracking of them can be conveniently integrated and handled in one place, so that the main focus can remain on the actual business.

At Xales, we can offer you access to both the new Amazon marketplace in Poland and other major marketplaces. Effortlessly and successfully. Only time will tell us how big this new marketplace from Amazon will be and how your potential sales can increase.


Best, Teemu

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