CDON and Xales to co-operate

Teemu Kauppinen

CDON and Xales to co-operate

It’s always a great feeling when goals and views meet between companies. Therefore, we are now pleased to announce that we have officially launched our partner program with CDON.

Our partnership enables numerous things for both parties and most importantly, for you e-retailers. With this partnership we at Xales can achieve our mission, where we want to offer e-retailers a smooth transition to the largest marketplaces in the Nordic countries.

CDON may be familiar to many as a CD or DVD store, but it has changed a lot since those times into a comprehensive marketplace. Nowadays, it’s the largest marketplace in the Nordic countries, offering more than 9 million different products and has more than 2 million active visitors. Because of their 20+ years of experience in e-commerce and their very well-known brand, they have an excellent position in the Nordic countries. This enables great mercantile opportunities for online retailers in Europe.

CDON is constantly developing their marketplace capabilities, so choosing Xales as an integrator and partner is a logical solution to support the goal. Our ready-made integrations enable a smooth transition to a marketplace, where millions of internationally active consumers can boost your sales.

More than 1200+ online retailers are selling on CDON marketplace and together we hope to get you involved as our customer as well.

Let the great journey of the partnership begin!


Best, Teemu

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