CDON – The Nordic favorite with opportunities

Teemu Kauppinen

CDON – The Nordic favorite with opportunities

Due to the partnership announced last week, we wanted to write a little more comprehensive blog about our new marketplace partner CDON. If you missed the last week’s article about our new partnership, you can still find it in our news & articles section here.

You may remember the times when you ordered CDs and DVD movies from CDON, and therefore you automatically associate them with an online disc store. Well, you can still find those good old music CDs and action movies from their website, but nowadays CDON has a comprehensive selection and is the leading marketplace in the Nordic countries with more than 1200 retailers.

CDON has not achieved the leading position in the Nordic marketplaces by accident, as the more than 9 million products and 105 million visits to the site speak for themselves. Their strongest advantages are a very strong and well-known brand (especially in the Nordic countries), as well as a huge customer base and their long experience in e-commerce. So what’s required of a successful marketplace today? Just those features. A few well-known retailers on their marketplace include e.g. Adlibris, Ellos and Lekmer. Those are only a couple of the well-known brands who have benefited a lot from CDON.

We all know how challenging it is to stand out on social media: You have to be very findable on Google, have to find a lot of customers and keep them loyal. The list goes on, and therefore e-commerce is quite challenging. One of the biggest benefits of marketplaces like CDON is you don’t have to worry about investing in marketing, customers and the stuff above; The marketplace will take care of them for you with their own brand and customer base. Quoting Tina Turner, that’s “Simply the best”! Who wouldn’t want to have a ready-made package and much bigger visibility with ease?

One more essential and very important thing to mention: In terms of e-commerce development, CDON’s more than 2 million active customers are able to offer you a lot of development ideas. In e-commerce sometimes the smallest details can be extremely important. Research results from big audience often provide valuable insights for product development or something else crucial, which is always very valuable in the competitive world. Spotting trends to optimize your product range is much more easier, thanks to their large and active customer base.

CDON takes care of your products visibility and customers, and Xales takes care of easy integration into the marketplace for you. Quite easy and comfortable mixture, I would say!

Good products combined with good partners lead to a good outcome.

Best, Teemu

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