Collaboration between Xales and EAS Project

Teemu Kauppinen

Collaboration between Xales and EAS Project

Last week, we announced a new partnership with EAS Project, another SaaS company focusing on e-commerce and helping merchants through automation. Here are a few more words about this partnership:

First of all, we are really excited about this partnership and what it can bring to every e-commerce merchant, who are looking to scale their business to other countries. As e-commerce grows so rapidly year after year and gets more technical as well, it’s important to stay up to date on the technical side but also focus on the essentials at the same time. What could be a better way to do this than highly automated softwares, which takes care of time-consuming manual work for you? Tough to find one. Our integrations should be already familiar to you if you have been keeping up with us earlier, but here is a little bit about EAS for you:

EAS Project helps online merchants internationalize by automating the calculation and reporting of sales taxes for international sales. They can offer merchants the easiest possible expansion into new countries and sales channels in terms of reporting and calculating sales taxes, and that’s why our collaboration is so fantastic. When two companies with the same goal combine their forces, the result is often pretty great.

“We are really happy about starting a collaboration with Xales. This collaboration is really unique because we both complement each other’s services perfectly: Xales will enable expansion into international marketplaces with their ready-made integrations and we will remove the tax worries that merchants face during the expansion process. Perfect combination when expanding e-commerce business to an international level!”  – Robert Ruutsalo, Sales Director of EAS Project

”It feels great having found a perfect match in terms of cooperation. Both of us have something unique to offer to e-commerce merchants and this combination is a great way to take their businesses to another level.” – Anssi Peltokangas, CEO of Xales

Best, Xales & EAS Project

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