Collaboration between Xales and Qred

Teemu Kauppinen

Collaboration between Xales and Qred

New partnerships are always exciting things for us. As you may have seen, last week we announced our new partnership with Qred and now we’d like to tell a bit more about it.

E-commerce being the fast-paced and fast-growing industry we all know, every new tool to help the process is always warmly welcomed. With automated solutions online merchants can get the best of smooth online transactions, which is exactly what we wish to provide for our customers. As we started our discussions with Qred about the collaboration a while ago, it was easy to find the same goal and vision: To create the easiest and the most economical way for online merchants to grow up their sales and their businesses.

One of the things that may come in the way of a business accessing the endless possibilities of large marketplaces, may simply be that the growth processes require that little bit of extra funding in the beginning. This is where Qred comes in to save the day. So, marketplace integration and corporate loan solution at the same time? Check! Might we also mention that in the beginning of this year, The Financial Times listed our new partner as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe for a second year in a row.

We at Xales are also aiming high and having this fast-growing Fintech company by our side is simply great. Qred is a perfect addition to Xales’ network, and together we truly believe that we can make the lives of online merchants much more convenient. Advanced technology and easiness are very much the key words in this collaboration.

The easier, the better, as we stated in our previous post on social media. We can hardly wait to start accomplishing this same goal together!

Best, Xales crew

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