Smart Access to Marketplaces

Sell more by easily integrating your online shop to Amazon, Zalando, and other additional sales channels.
We help you reach the full potential of e-commerce.

Green and Grace – Bigger audience, more sales

Green and Grace‘s mission is to help Nordic women in finding the joy of skincare. Founded by a sister-duo Fanni and Jenni Tuomisto in 2017, Green and Grace offers a curated selection of Korean cosmetics.

Green and Grace is using Xales to scale their sales channels beyond their own online shop. Through Xales’ automatic marketplace integration, Green and Grace selection is now also available on

“Opening the CDON marketplace was very fast and convenient for us. Xales provides automation of product listings to the selected marketplace, as well as easy-to-use platform for order fulfillment process in a multi-channel environment. When it comes to the bigger picture, being able to easily utilise different marketplaces is a way to reach a bigger audience and further internationalize our business.”, says Fanni Tuomisto, CEO of Green and Grace


Commerce 8 – Focus on what really makes the difference

Commerce 8 is a Nordic e-commerce consultancy helping companies succeed across all digital channels. Commerce 8 works with pioneering brands and retailers looking to capitalise the full potential of e-commerce or to start selling on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Commerce 8 acts as an agency partner for Xales and there are a number of potential use cases for their customers and prospects. 

“Our customers have been using Xales to integrate their online shop with Amazon, to handle multi-channel order fulfillment and to better understand their business performance. Readymade integrations smoothen the processes a lot especially when it comes to Amazon, which is well known to have a bit complex ways of working every now and then. The most important thing is that both the client and agency can focus more on what really matters and makes the difference.”, states Tea Riihilahti who works as an E-commerce Consultant at Commerce 8.


Why Xales


1. Reach more customers – Seamless integration from Shopify and WooCommerce to Amazon, Zalando and CDON lets you tap into all the demand in the market right now.


2.  Easy to use and hassle-free – Automated processes remove the friction from selling on multiple platforms and lets you operate everything though your own online shop.

3. Innovative and cost-effective – Our performance-based pricing model helps you to grow and scale your business in a flexible way.