Amazon and Zalando are our primary focus and we support CDON.com. When it comes to other marketplaces we follow the customer needs and are always open  to supporting new platforms.

Usually this takes a couple of days depending on your e-commerce platform setup and our customer onboarding queue.

We have direct interfaces for Shopify, Woocommerce and Centra platforms, and more is coming. And no worries if your e-commerce platform is a bit more uncommon. We have additional capabilities, such as UI robotics, which complement the direct interfaces.

Yes, we support all Amazon countries.

We support two different use cases. The marketplace fulfils the order (like when using Amazon FBA) or the merchant (you or your logistics partner) fulfils the order. We manage the order message handling through our platform in both use cases.

Security is one of our top priorities. We follow the EU GDPR regulations and our servers as well all data are located within the EU.