How to succeed in 2021 e-commerce

Teemu Kauppinen

How to succeed in 2021 e-commerce

After a tough year, the COVID-19 virus caused also an online shopping boom which will continue for 2021. Despite the tough time, e-commerce business is still growing in 2021 and it creates new opportunities for many companies in the future.

Here are a few remarks about the e-commerce business in 2021 that are definitely worth of reading.


1. Consumers today prefer online shopping

As we all know, consumers worldwide are now buying goods that have previously been purchased less frequently online for example groceries and other home essentials. In addition to this, consumers are accustomed to the convenience and ease of online shopping. The permanency of this new consumer behavior will be determined by how satisfied consumers are with their online experiences. To ensure that the popularity of e-commerce continues also in the future, companies should pay attention to the fluent use of their websites.

2. Competition among e-commerce is at an all-time high

Obviously when competition is at its peak, it’s difficult to stand out from competitors. It is worth mentioning that older age groups have also had to switch to e-commerce in several cases as a result of the pandemic. Therefore, everyone should pay special attention to the operation, products and visibility of their websites at this moment. In my personal opinion, focusing on visibility is a big advantage in social media and e-commerce. By increasing visibility and expanding to other marketplaces, there is a high chance that your product or service will be noticed and your popularity and sales might eventually increase.

3. Standing out with brand is challenging due to the popularity of marketplaces

Due to the huge supply, shopping online might be very time consuming. Whatever you’re looking for, there are numerous options for it. Because marketplaces like Amazon and Zalando are so large, it might be difficult to stand out just by using a brand. According to Shopify’s recently made research (Shopify, 2021), consumers are now looking for best fitting solution instead of certain brand. The research also revealed that half of online sales take place through marketplaces, which is a lot. Of course, sustainability and reducing environmental impact is still a big trend and will certainly be also in the future. Have you ever thought about spreading your brand image through marketplaces? Well, right now might be the time to do that successfully!

Just a reminder for all of you, it’s not too late yet to jump into e-commerce productivity. In case you didn’t know yet, we at Xales will be happy to help you to expand your sales and brand in very effective marketplaces!

Best, Teemu

Sources: Shopify.com. 2021.

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