Introducing CDON Marketplace connector

Teemu Kauppinen

Introducing CDON Marketplace connector

We are now able to offer something really special for e-commerce merchants: A great combination of cost-effectiveness and a chance to grow sales with smoothness. This is called CDON Marketplace Connector.

CDON Marketplace connector is the smoothest way to integrate your online store to CDON Marketplace, the leading marketplace of the Nordic countries. Through the software, it’s possible to list your products to the marketplace, as well as handle order fulfillment with the same software. All of this without the need to open up new platforms, make changes to your current online store or operate the sales process manually by yourself. And the best thing is that CDON Marketplace connector can be used without any additional costs!

If you though that was it, no way. We have also developed a great new CDON Business Insight mobile app, which will give you valuable sales data that supports the growth of your business. This one way solution for monitoring multi-channel e-commerce is a great way to deep-dive into sales figures for all CDON merchants. It will definitely help you to make the right decisions when selling on marketplace. Just like the CDON Marketplace connector, this mobile app is free to download and use.

Utilizing the biggest online marketplace in the Nordic countries with our new tools will create you new chances in e-commerce business. Over 2 million active customers of CDON Marketplace and over 100 million website visits every year offers a major advantage when it comes to product visibility and reaching out for potential new customers. CDON’s safe and reliable brand is like a second home for the Nordic people, proved by over 2 million newsletter recipients and 600k followers in Facebook.

So, are you ready to grow your e-commerce business with these new, simple and free to use tools? Make sure to contact us here and we will get you started.

See you at the top of the sales mountain!

Best, Xales

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