Meet Antti – Software Developer of Xales

Teemu Kauppinen

Meet Antti – Software Developer of Xales

We recently introduced our new software developer Jenni (if you missed her blog you can find it from here), and now it’s time to introduce our another newcomer as well. Say hello to Antti!


I’m Antti, one of the newest entrants of Xales’ team. I started working at Xales only a short time ago, but I’ve had a great start. Our team members are really great, and I enjoy working here in a motivational environment, with our interesting products. I originally got interested in Xales because of their business idea, which is really innovative. I was immediately ready to join this team and it feels great to be here.

I graduated as an IT-oriented Bachelor of Business Administration and I started my career as a hobby-based coder. I was lucky enough to have it become my job, and I still enjoy doing it, even in my spare time. I’ve previously worked mainly on IOT-projects, and automation related projects in general are the most interesting to me. That’s why it’s fitting that I’ve found myself here at Xales, where we highly focus on automating processes and making online merchants lives much easier.

At Xales, I work on integrations between customers and marketplaces, and I’m also developing new tools that can add more value to our customers in the future. I can easily get hyperfocused on something what feels interesting to me, and I spend hours with it. I love to code my own interesting projects of all kinds in my spare time as well. I also like to hang out with my friends and family and develop myself as a coder as well as a human being. Also, cats are fun.

See you around!“

Best, Antti

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