Meet our CEO – Marko Möttönen

Teemu Kauppinen

Meet our CEO – Marko Möttönen

Everyone at Xales has their own important roles to carry on, but being the CEO is always the biggest spotlight. We want you to know us as well as possible and therefore we are presenting to you now one of the leading persons of Xales – CEO Marko Möttönen.

Marko has been leading the Xales right from the beginning, seeing the growth of the customers and the company. Having over 20 years of experience in software business with high customer satisfaction gives excellent standpoint to lead the international business of Xales. Past couple of years has shown that e-commerce has strong position in global and local level, and marketplaces are getting more and more popular here in Nordics as well.

“Being customer-minded and business-driven, I’m glad to see the success stories of very different customers from various locations. Technology and digitalization are great enablers for the business, not only in e-commerce field. That’s something what I focus on, trying to keep in pace of the fast-developing tech field and how to create the value-add for customer’s businesses.” 

“One of my personal values is the balance between work and free time. Everybody needs the tools for relaxation and some counterbalance of virtual meetings and working with the laptop. For me those are spending time with my family, at home or at our summer house with the nature around us. Doing some sports or just throwing a ball to my dog fills my mind with something else than work related thoughts.” 

“I’m truly satisfied with the team we have at Xales, having great people onboard and having high interest from customers gives the confidence that we’re on the right path.”

“Have a relaxing and joyful summer!”

Best, Marko

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