Meet Patrik – Head of operations in Sweden

Teemu Kauppinen

Meet Patrik – Head of operations in Sweden

We have previously introduced you a couple persons of our staff from Finland, so now it’s time to introduce you the Swedish side as well! Previous introduction blogs can be conveniently found here, but who’s in charge of our Swedish operations and what does he like?

With more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce and digital marketing, Patrik Nygård is our key person at the Stockholm office. He has extensive experience of operating in the Nordic countries and also a lot of international expertise. His main focus is in operational actions and sales side in Sweden. Patrik has been involved in Xales right from the beginning and he’s one of the founding shareholders as well.

“My main job is to handle customer relationships and sales in the Nordic countries in addition to other operational activities. Our focus at Xales is to help customers expand their sales channels successfully, and as a social person it’s really natural for me to work closely with clients and help them succeed. Multi-channel sales have long been commonplace for many companies, and its popularity continues to grow year by year. Indeed, our technical solutions are a truly timely in the digital business and e-commerce revolution.”

“As a multifunctional entrepreneur, everyday life is often quite busy. However, I can’t complain because working with nice people and close friends is always a privilege. That is why working feels 99,9% of the time really nice! When it comes to my free time, it goes comfortably with my wife and children. Our dog takes care that we do things outside of the house as well.”

“I am also very passionate hockey fan, so I like to watch games regularly and play amateur hockey. My long sports background is therefore still strongly present in my daily life. A good balance for sports is also brought by tasting good burgers and small brewery beers every now and then! (laugh)”

“Really happy and warm summer for everyone!”

Best, Patrik

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