One year – 6 countries

Teemu Kauppinen

One year – 6 countries

One year includes many days and a lot of different things. The past year has included a lot of things in our case as well, but our greatest achievement is undoubtedly the customers who have trusted us. Right now, they already exist in 6 countries!

Our vision to make e-commerce and expanding sales channels to marketplaces way easier is going well so far, as we already have customers in 6 different countries: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands. It feels great that we have been able to help so many clients from different countries in just one year. A big thank you goes to each of our customers.

Customers’ happy feelings and their success helps us a lot, because it tells us that we are on the right path and our integrations actually helps them. It’s a great feeling when we’ve been able to successfully help our customer to expand their sales to marketplaces through our integrations. After the integration process, they can fully focus to their growth processes with a smile on their face and a whole new prospect base in front of them.

We’ll keep working hard to help you to get to marketplaces as easily as possible. One of our ways is to publish useful information on our social media channels. There’s an opportunity to follow our journey on Facebook and LinkedIn, which can be entertaining every now and then!

Towards new countries and marketplaces!

Best, Teemu

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