Our first year at Xales

Teemu Kauppinen

Our first year at Xales

It’s almost a year since the story of Xales began. We launched our business nearly a year ago with the goal of providing online retailers an effortless and cost-effective way to expand their sales into well-known marketplaces. A lot has happened in that time and now we’ll tell you a little bit about the past year.

Start-ups always take time to get started, but we have been running really well since day one. Our operations have grown in the way we wanted and we’re really happy about that. This is supported by the fact that we’ve been able to hire more professionals to our team already during the first year. In addition to this, our customer base has grown steadily since the beginning, so it seems that we’re on the right path.

During the year we have got customers from the Nordic and Baltic countries, and we look to extend our services to other markets as well. It’s great to see that our business has received a warm welcome so far and that our customers have clearly benefited from our services. The popularity of marketplaces and multi-channel sales has grown steadily for several years, and therefore it’s important that we can help online retailers to take advantage of marketplaces easily and cost-effectively.

The past year has also included a lot of learning and testing. In the software world, like in any other, success requires work and trying things out. We are developing new things to support integrations, of which the mobile app is currently one of. Carefully executed work produces good result, as you know! We have also invested in our social media presence so that we can regularly provide you useful information about our activity, as well as e-commerce and marketplace things in general. To stay up-to-date on our business and useful posts, make sure to follow our social media channels in Facebook and LinkedIn.

Last but not least, a huge thanks to our customers for choosing Xales as your integration provider. We will continue to work hard to make it as effortless as possible for you to take advantage of famous marketplaces.

Let’s keep striving towards more accessible marketplaces together!

Best, Xales family

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