Summer greetings from Xales

Teemu Kauppinen

Summer greetings from Xales

What a wonderful summer we’ve had! For some the holidays may have just begun, but we here at Xales have already a strong focus on the fall and our upcoming works. What has Xales’ summer been all about? Let’s find out!

The technology sector is certainly not the only sector where continuous work is required. During the summer, we have mainly focused on developing our operations and coming up with new things. In addition to this, we have also done our main work, i.e. marketplace integrations for our customers. It has been a pleasure to notice that our customers see our solution as a good and functional one. That means we’ve had our hands full in the summer time as well.

We have had a good amount of time to come up with new ideas for the new fall. In addition to brainstorming and developing our operations, services and communications, we have also had discussions with potential new partners. Over the fall we’re going to build new things together that will make the lives of online merchants much easier. We’ll tell more about these later, when the time is right.

But what would a summer be without a vacation? Not a very good one. Of course, we have also given ourselves the time to rest. Our staff has spent time in their summer cottages as well as with their children and families. Unforgettable moments and memories are again stored on our hard drives, which can be remembered again in the middle of the winter darkness. However, there’s still a little bit of summer left, so let’s enjoy it to the fullest!

One thing is for sure: We are ready to rock again, harder than ever.


Best, Teemu

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