Target the Market – Choosing the Right Audience

Teemu Kauppinen

Target the Market – Choosing the Right Audience

If you’ve been keeping up with our posts, you may already know a lot of the benefits that come with multi-channel sales. But it’s important to know as a seller, that this doesn’t automatically mean that you have to sell in every single country around the world. It actually means that you have the chance to pick and choose the right audience for you, and make your buyers’ purchasing path really easy. This can be done by customizing the countries that you want to sell in.

Long gone are the days when all you had to choose from were the products in your own little hometown. Nowadays the whole world is open for business! People are gravitating more and more towards buying abroad to get just the right product. Right now your potential customers could be running towards the marketplaces, having a clear picture in their mind, and ready to pull the trigger.

The idea of selling multi-channel is really simple: There are “a bunch” (millions) of potential customers in one place, who are looking for all kind of goods, so why wouldn’t you want to let them know that you have it what they need? Famous marketplaces have different countries in their selection, so you can basically take advantage of their brand and customer base, while reaching a mass of people at the same time. How cool is that?

Selling multi-channel allows you to find a sea full of fishes, who are ready to take the bait. Through our integrations, selling multi-channel is really easy: Let our automated software do the work for you: List your products to marketplaces and make sure that the information and order processing flows back to your online store. Reach more customers and increase sales, without having to think any of technical issues and data transformations. Simple and effective.

Best, Teemu

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