Terrace – A good concept enables much

Teemu Kauppinen

Terrace – A good concept enables much

Terrace, the concept of a football auditorium in England, but also a well-known brand in the Nordic countries. Once named after a fun auditorium story and a passion for football, it is the home of fashionable clothing brands in the Nordic countries.

The new and gorgeous website of our close client inspired us to write more about their well-functioning solutions. Using Xales and Shopify together offers them great opportunities for the future and we’re very happy to be able to help them. We have also written a customer story about Terrace before that you can read from here.

Terrace’s e-commerce concept is an effective one. They use Shopify as a platform for their website, which is also very common platform in e-commerce in general. Shopify is one of the most well-known platforms because of its smoothness and countless possibilities. For Terrace and certainly for many other ambitious e-merchants as well, opportunities to grow plays a big role. Shopify offers great features for that, such as easy integration opportunities for marketplaces, large monitoring functions and its general ease of use. It is also worth noting, that some marketplaces such as Zalando, prefer for you to have an integration service provider. It’s therefore very easy to understand why so many use Shopify as a platform.

Terrace’s website and selections have also attracted attention internationally, as there’s plenty of demand for their products outside the Nordic countries as well. Products have been ordered all the way from Korea and the Philippines from Terrace, which is quite an accomplishment. Big thanks goes to Jweb.fi, who have definitely managed to create a functional and wonderful website for them. Perhaps Terrace’s supply and price may also have something to do with their success. Anyway, Terrace’s strong brand is at a very good level in the Nordic countries as well as internationally. Their new website combined to a strong brand enables more ways to reach new customers in the future. We look forward to seeing their success story grow even further!

Successful stories are always great to read and above all, to support. It’s great that Terrace has become our customer and Xales has been able to help them by offering the opportunity to expand their sales to well-known marketplaces in the future. You will definitely hear about them as well as Xales in the future!

Best, Teemu

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