The Easiest Way To List Products To Marketplaces

Teemu Kauppinen

The Easiest Way To List Products To Marketplaces

As multi-channel sales become more popular year by year, access to new sales channels should be made as easy as possible. One of the most common themes in opening up new sales channels is product listing, and how it could be done in the most easiest way in order to start selling on marketplaces. In this blog, we’ll tell you how.

Listing products to the marketplaces may cause a headache to online merchants, if they aren’t aware of all the demands and effort that this process requires. In addition to the need of having some ability to handle different platforms, data and computer matters, you must have time for this kind of process. As we all know, being an online merchant and having a flexible time schedule doesn’t go hand in hand. For these reasons alone, we can already conclude that outsourcing could be the way to go.

Some of the sales channels may even require an integrator who handles the product listing for the merchant. One of these marketplaces is Zalando, to which we are able to help online merchants to and manage all the work for you at the same time. So even if you have the skills to handle the product listing by yourself, it may still not be enough. Especially when the number of products that need to get listed rises, things will get complicated.

The simplest way to handle the product listing is therefore letting an integrator handle the work for you. I also need to point out that there are huge differences between integrators, so I suggest that you’ll get to know them before making a decision. For example, our integrations are highly automated; you don’t have to open up new platforms or get to know any demos before the integration can proceed. You have to do a minimum amount of work, while we list your products to selected marketplaces.

Using an external integrator enables you to focus on the essentials in e-commerce and forget all the painful and time consuming things. Let the automation do it for you.

Best, Teemu

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