Why is multichannel sales so important?

Teemu Kauppinen

Why is multichannel sales so important?

What the big ones do, the little ones follow. When Jeff Bezos decided to set up the first online bookstore (which later turned into a marketplace named Amazon) from his garage back in 1994, no one knew where it would lead. After all, it wasn’t for long that everyone knew of it and began to do the same and the rest is history.

E-commerce and multichannel sales have long been part of the business plans and will continue to be so. Probably very much stronger, as the present moment has shown. I could list a lot of different sales channels and models because of digitalization, but the only thing that matters is to know the harsh truth that rarely does a stone foot trade succeed as the only profitable sales channel. Even if multichannel sales are mandatory for almost everyone in order to stay involved in the digital world, above all, it’s a vital way to increase sales and thereby the profitability of the company. Here’s why:

People are divided into several different channels on social media. Therefore it’s important that products and services are easily found in the popular marketplaces where they are constantly looking at. The wider the area you operate, the more views your products will receive, right? I would also like to emphasize that expanding sales to other places also requires a good plan, so never forget it first! However, it’s no coincidence that the best marketplaces are at their own level, so everyone should explore what opportunities the largest marketplaces like Amazon could offer for you and your products.

In addition to increasing sales figures, the biggest benefits of multichannel sales include raising visibility and your brand image. The human mind and how it works is after all really simple: The more you are shown, the easier you’ll be remembered. With integrations, multichannel sales are therefore a cost-effective way because you don’t have to put a large amount of money into digital marketing, when marketplaces offer you a ready audience and their own brand. They will provide you constant popularity and visibility and if your products are good enough, your own brand can also grow at a rapid pace.

In order to make the business profitable, it must always be developed. When it comes to multichannel sales, Xales strives to provide the easiest and effortless transition to marketplaces. And if you want to learn more about the marketplace as a concept, we wrote you a blog earlier about it as well. You can find it here.

It can simply be said that a good customer experience consists of ease. It also applies to us: Both for expanding sales to your needs as well as in our own operations.

Best, Teemu

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