Why You Should Consider Multichannel Sales

Teemu Kauppinen

Why You Should Consider Multichannel Sales

If you want to stay in on the changing ecommerce world, you need to consider new strategies and ways to increase your online store sales. The fact is that most of the online merchants still operate through only one sales channel (their online shop) and use old fashioned tactics to increase sales. In this blog, we’ll present some advantages of multichannel sales and why it can allow you to get your business to a new level.

Multichannel sales open up great possibilities to online merchants. For some, it may seem like a complicated option at first, but after you have done some research and got to know the topic better, you will find it as a great way to increase sales and your value in front of online shoppers. Here are a couple of reasons, how multichannel sales can provide a huge value and difference to your business:

1. Customers are divided into several different channels online

Majority of people don’t magically start searching products on Google by writing the name of your online store to it, unless you are Amazon or Zalando whose brand awareness and customer base are enormous. In fact, marketplaces were in 2021 a starting point in almost 44% of all product searches (Inriver 2021). This is because the inventory is really wide in these channels and therefore it’s much more likely to find what you are looking for much easier and faster.

By selling multichannel, you can target a lot bigger audience constantly and take advantage of the brand awareness, customer base and reputation of the marketplaces like Amazon or Zalando. A good tip is that instead of trying to create a demand specifically to your online shop, you should be there where it already exists.

2. Creating scalable purchasing funnel

The more paths there are to purchase, the more customers you can generate. Expanding sales to new channels is an effective way to expanding your overall purchasing funnel. Famous marketplaces offer you the chance to internationalize easily and efficiently, and therefore those will enrich your sales funnel with a huge amount of potential new customers.

One big part of the purchasing path is mobile apps. People worldwide use mobile apps of big marketplaces, because those are really easy way to shop online in the middle of a big inventory. Mobile apps are extremely popular because of their easiness and almost 90% of the phone time is spent on apps, according to the studies of Kargo and Verto Analytics. People are chasing ease and that’s why mobile apps are a big part of the purchasing funnel as well. When you add marketplaces popularity as well as their constant visibility through advertising, you have quite a wide purchasing funnel right in front of your online shop.

3. The value of data and feedbacks

Through marketplaces, you have the chance to collect valuable data and get feedback to your products and services. For whatever reason, it seems easier for people to give feedback through marketplaces about a product. Because of this, it’s easier for you to get feedback about your products as well and getting that is never a bad thing. This way you can improve matters and stay ahead of your competitors.

I would like to mention that through our integrations, you can also collect valuable sales data from marketplaces which can guide you to right direction with your business. Feedback in the marketplace combined to sales data are powerful tools to help understand your customer base better.

The wider and easier sales funnel you can build, the easier it’s for potential customers to buy and find your products online. I would claim that it’s the goal of ecommerce. Multichannel sales have pretty much all to offer at the same time: Huge range of international customers and a lot of visibility to your products. Therefore, it is a great option to try out.

Best, Teemu

(Sources: Inriver, Kargo & Verto Analytics)

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