Why You Should Sell on Multiple E-commerce Platforms


Why You Should Sell on Multiple E-commerce Platforms

Typically the biggest headache of an e-commerce player is caused by the efforts to acquire more traffic and generate more sales. All the possible SEO tips and tricks are already used, conversion optimisation gimmicks don’t make a difference, and investing more in paid advertising seem both inefficient and crazy as the price for acquiring a customer keeps on rising. Been there, done that. 

How about twisting the whole idea and making your products available for bigger audiences at once instead of just trying to lure the audience to your own shop? That’s right, it sounds good and the answer is to start selling on multiple e-commerce platforms. By integrating your online shop with marketplaces such as Amazon, Zalando and CDON, you can tap into the massive demand already on the market. 

Here’s the TOP 3 reasons you should get started with multi-channel e-commerce: 

1. Reach a bigger audience and sell more 

By integrating your online shop with marketplaces you reach a far bigger audience already looking to purchase products like yours. That is a no-brainer. 

2. It is a cost-effective way for scaling your business

 Amazon, Zalando, CDON and the rest of the biggest marketplaces hold a major share of the international e-commerce market. For example, approximately 50 % of all e-commerce purchases in Germany are made on Amazon and the platform is hard to ignore if you want to sell to Germans. Through international marketplaces you can access the market in a cost-effective way, but marketplaces also offer local growth opportunities. For example, you can utilise Amazon within the Swedish borders or use CDON just to reach more customers in Finland. Either way or both ways, scaling through marketplaces is an exciting and flexible way for boosting your business. 

3. You can utilise your existing tools and processes without a hassle

 Would you like to use another platform or a tool on top of the stack you are already struggling with? We neither. By integrating your online shop to a marketplace using Xales you can keep on using your existing e-commerce platform and working with a single inventory. Xales automates the creation of product listing and the flow of transactional data between your e-commerce platform and the marketplace and makes selling on marketplaces hassle-free. 

Our mission is to help you reach the full potential of e-commerce. We are driven by the idea that there should be a shortcut to better e-commerce business and that is what we want to provide to our customers. If you want to start using Xales or have something to ask from us, please contact us and let’s take it from there.

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