Xales team gets a new member – Nico Laajoki joins us

Teemu Kauppinen

Xales team gets a new member – Nico Laajoki joins us

Xales team is growing again! Nico Laajoki joins our team as a new member and he will work on marketing at the Oulu office.

Check below to get to know Nico and read his thoughts about joining us.

Hey guys!

My name is Nico Laajoki and I’m thrilled to be completing my internship at Xales. I’m currently studying digital marketing at OAMK and this is such a great opportunity to hone my skills and learn something new! I will be tackling the marketing aspect of Xales together with Teemu, who was introduced a while ago (psst. Go check it out here!). My main focus during my internship however will be the marketing of the new Xales app, which will allow businesses to control and track everything from their mobile devices and it will be launched during Q2, how exciting is that!

A little bit about myself, I have a background in graphics design but found my true passion about a year ago while exploring new career choices and I stumbled upon digital marketing. During my free time I practice Muay Thai to keep my mind and body healthy. I also love the idea of crypto currency, which is why I find myself scrolling through articles about them almost every day. In addition to all of this, I have a 6-year-old rescue dog from Spain named Laika and the rest of my free time goes into caring for her.

As I said earlier, I’m currently studying digital marketing, which is an exciting industry because it’s constantly growing and evolving. It also creates fantastic possibilities for companies to grow and to explore new opportunities that were previously limited. Another constantly growing industry is e-commerce and there is no time like the present to get into it. It is such an advantage for businesses to expand their sales channels and get ahead of the competition. There’s an excellent quote by the CEO of L’oreal, which goes like this: “E-commerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it’s the new cake”. The industry is exploding in growth right now as we speak, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

If you have any questions about e-commerce, how to go about increasing your sales channels or if you’re curious but don’t know where to begin, no problem we’re here to help! You can easily contact us here.

For all the latest news and interesting blog posts about ecommerce, check out our social media pages –> LinkedIn & Facebook

Let’s reach your full e-commerce potential together!

Best, Nico

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