Xales team is growing – Introducing our new growth marketer Teemu Kauppinen


Xales team is growing – Introducing our new growth marketer Teemu Kauppinen

Xales team is growing with a new member as Teemu Kauppinen joins our team. Teemu will be in responsible for Xales’ growth marketing and content creation and is based in our Helsinki office.

Check below to get to know Teemu and read his thoughts about e-commerce.

Hi everyone! My name is Teemu Kauppinen and I’m really excited to join Xales and to be responsible for growth marketing and content creation from now on. As a fresh BBA, I’ll bring with me up-to-date information and knowledge of modern business models and the importance of digitalisation for businesses. I also have a couple of years of work experience in financial management, which is definitely useful at Xales.

I have a strong desire to constantly evolve, bring useful and valuable content to our customers, and of course, spread positive vibe around us.  In my role my main goal is to produce useful, informative and entertaining content to you. I will also be in contact with our current clients and prospects in order to make sure they have everything they need for success. If you wish, you can find me on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn – see you there!

Outside of work I love playing sports, as well as exploring and studying investing and social media. I also like to visit my hometown in Central Ostrobothnia to spend time with my family and our beloved pets.

In my opinion, there’s no better time to get onboard the e-commerce train than now. As we all know, e-commerce is blooming and it has a huge potential for the future in selling your own stores but also in scaling to international marketplaces. There are several marketplaces worldwide and their sales numbers are rocketing. I think everyone who’s running an e-commerce business should seriously think about the potential that lies in selling in additional channels in addition to your own online shop. Luckily, we are here to help you to reach this potential and increase your sales. Not only with Amazon, but with other marketplaces too such as CDON and Zalando.

Finally, I hope together we can make e-commerce experiences better and your business greater than ever before. If you have any questions or anything else on your mind, don’t be afraid to contact us. We’re always ready to find a solution which serves you the best possible way.

Best, Teemu

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