Zalando – Everything for everyone

Teemu Kauppinen

Zalando – Everything for everyone

It’s very nice to write a blog post about one of my absolute favorite fashion online stores; Zalando. One of Europes best-known clothing marketplaces is certainly familiar to almost every Nordic and European person and we at Xales are able to work with it, what a great feeling!

Whether you wanted to search for fashion clothes online or sell them on a very visible and popular platform, I guess you want to hear a little more about it. As the title says: Everything for everyone, so let’s get started!

Founded in 2008 in Berlin, Zalando is one of the most wanted fashion marketplaces in Europe and there is a clear reason for that: Zalando had nearly 39 million customers in 2020. In addition to this, endless selections for customers include clothing, shoes, accessories and sportswear. So whatever fashion you are looking for, I think it can be found on their website.

From a business perspective, Zalando also offers a lot. In my opinion, the visibility Zalando offers for products and the huge popularity of consumers are the main factors. Zalando has achieved huge consumer popularity with a very competitive pricing and a great delivery system. There combines two main keys from the consumer’s point of view, so it’s not difficult to guess why consumers find their way to Zalando over and over again.

Zalando has a very strong marketing side as well and the brand has a strong presence in social media where people spend their time every day. As I mentioned before, their visibility is therefore a great opportunity for many companies that need it. In today’s extremely competitive digital world, resources are often required to stand out on social media, so what’s better solution for increasing sales and visibility at the same time than a marketplace like this? Tough to find one.

At the end of this enlightenment, I’ll tell you one more thing. Some might think about the challenges of expanding to big marketplaces or tracking sales and other parameters there, but through Xales those are actually very simple. We help you to get there in no-time and create visual and informative metrics for you, which are easy to monitor and analyze. As a cherry on top of the cake, we are also working on an app where all of this information can be found in a moment. 

In case you want more information about expanding your sales to Zalando or other major marketplaces, you can find a starting step-by-step info on our homepage here. Or if you want to ask us something else, we will be happy to help you with that as well!

Best, Teemu

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