Value proposal

We make your sales cycle faster and more profitable through automation.

Customer Relationship Management Extension

Challenges of the Sales Environment

Xales empowers all of the commercial ecosystem capabilities, from customer targeting to closing the opportunity, beginning with: 

Automated processes which help you develop the entire sales funnel and improve customer experience.

Time to market reduction.

Continuity and improvement of the commercial process amid a changed reality.

The development of artificial intelligence automated processes which allow the generation of analytical data delivering value to customers.

The commercial ecosystem's preparedness for an effective sales closing, focused on partner skills and specialization.

Valuable insights within processes

With Xales

You will improve your sales and customer retention in an agile and automated way, developing effective commercial processes supported by state-of-the-art technology, analytics, self-service, and efficiency in the management of opportunities through 4 objectives:

Integrating artificial intelligence that helps better understand customers by having more clarity on selecting the best market niche and buyer persona.

Understanding market trends and the commercial ecosystem to obtain more effective campaigns.

Generating transparency and speed in the evolution of the development of opportunities in order to obtain more results in less time.

Focusing your management delivering value to the customer.

Processes impacted by Xales