Smart Access to Marketplaces

Sell more by easily integrating your online shop to Amazon, Zalando and CDON.
We help you reach the full potential of e-commerce.



Increase sales by integrating your online store with Amazon, Zalando and CDON

Xales connects your online store to relevant marketplaces and let's you tap into all the demand in the market right now.

Ready-made integrations for Shopify and WooCommerce remove the friction from selling on multiple platforms and enables smooth and hassle-free way of working.

Gain competitive edge by data-driven decision making

Xales Business Insight mobile app helps you to monitor and analyse your multi-channel e-commerce sales.

CDON exclusive solution currently available and stay tuned for more.

Our Integrations

Amazon Integration

Make the most out of e-commerce by selling on Amazon in selected markets or throughout the globe.
Shopify & WooCommerce integrations available.

Zalando Integration

Sell fashion and accessories in Zalando, the biggest online-only fashion retailer in Europe.
Shopify & WooCommerce integrations available.

CDON Integration

Reach the millions of users shopping on CDON, the leading marketplace in the Nordic countries.
Shopify & WooCommerce integrations available.

Why Xales

  • Reach more customers – Seamless integration from Shopify and WooCommerce to Amazon, Zalando and CDON lets you tap into all the demand in the market right now.
  • Easy to use and hassle-free – Automated processes remove the friction from selling on multiple platforms and lets you operate everything though your own online shop.
  • Innovative and cost-effective – Our performance-based pricing model helps you to grow and scale your business in a flexible way.

What our customers say about us

Check our Customer Stories to learn how some of our customers are utilising Xales platform and what they have to say about working with us.

Integrations and Partners

Xales supports several marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. In addition to these, we work together with agencies, finance companies, logistics firms and warehouse service providers to enable better customer experience for our clients.

Our Story

We are here to help you reach the full potential of e-commerce.

Xales is founded by a team of seasoned professionals striving to make e-commerce easy and profitable. Before founding Xales, our core team has been working years with e-commerce, digitalization and finance platforms and always ran into the same issue – everything is very complex, expensive and time-consuming. That is why we are committed to making it simple for our customers. And not just simple, but profitable too.

Ultimately we are driven by the idea that there should be a shortcut to better e-commerce business and that is what we want to provide to our customers.

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